Emacs Colors are driving me crazy!

Amit Patel amitp at Xenon.Stanford.EDU
Tue Aug 13 01:34:25 EDT 2002

 TuxTrax <bogusdrop at myself.com> wrote:
| I stopped thinking microsoft a long time ago. So I didn't think to
| restart KDE. But the fact is, nothing else worked. I did restart the
| application after applying the new settings and it didn't work. As
| donovan said, It was neccessary to restart kde after changing the
| settings and clicking apply, to get the colors in emacs right again.
| Why this is, is less important to me than the fact that it worked. Not
| having emacs, halted my python programming in it's tracks. But thanks
| for the input.

For the curious (and continuing the off-topic thread, sorry):

You needed to restart KDE because when you selected "make other apps
look like KDE apps", it attempted to inject KDE's color scheme into
your X resource database (XRDB).  Emacs and lots of old style (Athena,
Xt, Motif) apps get colors and other settings from XRDB.  Lots of
programs can add to XRDB, and it doesn't track who added what, so
there's no good way for KDE to remove the colors it added.  So when
you unchecked the KDE option, it stopped sending colors to XRDB.  But
the colors that were there weren't removed.

Probably not useful anymore, but just in case:

      'xrdb -query'  will show you what resources are defined.
      'xrdb -remove' will reset your resource database


Why KDE and Gnome don't use XRDB, I'm not sure.  Maybe it was
considered too heavyweight.  Maybe it's because it doesn't do stretchy
translucent pixmaps.  :-)

	    - Amit

Amit J Patel, Computer Science Department, Stanford University

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