Could Python supplant Java?

Bo M. Maryniuck b.maryniuk at
Thu Aug 22 10:14:18 CEST 2002

On Thursday 22 August 2002 01:50, Darren New wrote:
> You just haven't worked on many different kinds of systems.
Actually yes, these systems came without the compilers: TR-DOS on Z80 
Sinclair, MS-DOS on i386, BASIC embedded in ROM and calculators... But we 
talking about the professional systems. And if Win32 still claim itself 
"Professional" then should be at least with one compiler. For example, I 
still can't find any big difference between "Windows 2000 Personal" and 
"Windows 2000 Professional Advanced". If that different just in few options 
in Control Panel and really BIG price, than only lamers and last idiots can 
buy crappy trashware with 63.000 of bugs whom place only in the rain 

> Windows Scripting Language. The .NET compiler.
Yes, d00d, please let me know where I can find it in the box with Win2K which 
has a Linux Mandrake skin and called "Windows XP Professional"? There is *NO* 
any usefull tool to develope, no any WinScrewLanguage and no any .NET 

> No, it just means you use whatever comes with the compiler, download it for
> free, or pay for it.
Ah, DIY. Thank you MUCH, I have impressed! :-* But I'll rather buy SuSE Linux 
(really Professional), install it on every machine in my office and use all 
what I need.

> Depends. If you're programming in the language that comes with the
> computer, yes. Otherwise, no.
Actually, programming the language usually comes with the OS. But in fact, 
there should be at least one compiler and language which can be installed 
optionally. OTOH, Linux brings me lots of languages, even more than I use. ;)

> Solaris doesn't come with a C compiler, last I looked. 
Sorry, Solaris mostly server OS. But if you want *workstation* there is, 

Regards, Bogdan

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