Which is faster...find or re. ?

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In article <7d3dc526.0208020948.15403600 at posting.google.com>, "Fearless
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> I'm doing some parsing on HTML files and lookfor for particular tags.
> First off given a single line that I want to find a string in, would it
> be quicker to do
> if string.find(line, searchString) > -1:
>     #process line

I did some testing of this a little while ago. The answer is, as usual:
"It depends". If you are doing a simple string match (or find) then
string.find is about ten times faster than a RE. It is almost alwasy
faster. However, if you are doing some kind of parsing, REs are faster
that scanning/chopping/slicking strings in python. The more complex the
string matching and (especially) cutting out bits of strings then REs are


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