Problem compiling Secret Labs RexExp module in pyamazon package

Robert Oschler Oschler at
Wed Aug 28 21:41:46 CEST 2002

I'm trying to run, the Python package for interfacing with
Amazon's SOAP server.  I'm a Python newbie, but an experienced C++ and
Delphi programmer, and I belive that xml.dom, which is used by pyamazon,
uses Secret Lab's RegExp package for it's parsing code.  Unfortunately, when runs I'm getting an exception when xml.dom tries to use Secret
Labs module to compile the global regex pattern called
g_numCharEntityPattern, which is equal to  "&#(/d+);".  I'm getting a
"Sequence out of range: list index out of range" exception when tries to process the a "for op,av in pattern" statement.
There is only one item in the sequence 'pattern' yet somehow __getitem__ is
being passed an index of 1 which would exceed the sequence bounds.  Seeing
as it is a "for .. in .." statement which does not use an index variable, I
don't see how this is possible.

I'm not looking for anyone to give me a source code correction.  What I
would like is to know how to do one of the following:  contact the makers of
xml.dom or Secret Labs and report this?  Learn if this is a known problem
due to some Python configuration issue that I need to follow up on.  Etc.
In other words what I should generally do to hunt this down and fix it?


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