How are you using Python?

Siegfried Gonzi siegfried.gonzi at
Sat Aug 3 13:03:55 CEST 2002

Will Stuyvesant wrote:

> Ahh sounds great.  Do you think I could install SuSE 8.0 in my 3 year
> old Compaq Armada notebook?  The driver problems used to scare me off.
>  I once installed a linux version allright but never got the sound
> working.  SuSE 8.0 has a recent python version?

I did not experience any driver problems (Gericom SiS 630 chipset and 
winmodem from SMARTLINK; the modem is a no name brand but a bright guy 
figured out that SMARTLINK is the mass manufacturer; and the SMARTLINK 
guys emailed a Linux driver in the following to me). Admittedly I had to 
wait for the SuSE 8.0 release, because older SuSE distributions didn't 
recognize the display.

SuSE 8.0 has got a new Python version and even Numeric included (note: 
only the Professional Edition; become informed on the SuSE homepage 
between the difference of the Professional and Personal edition). 
Otherwise you should install ActiveState Python and you will also get 
the idle environment.

I found my motivation for installing Linux on my laptop at this site:

But be aware there are retared guys out there who suggest to compile a 
new kernel and other insane stuff. I do not have got any acceptance for 

> Without code it is impossible to guess what your problem here is but
> maybe there is one thing I can suggest: Do you always delete all the
> 'compiled' python bytecode files in your working directory?
> I have a script p.bat for Windows for running new versions of code
> doing:
> del *.pyc
> python %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

The experience is mainly based on my Windows installation. In addition I 
always had to execute a script 2 times if I were interactively changing 
things (e.g. re importing a module). When the calculation lasted lets 5 
minutes then it was really awkward to make the calculation two times in 
order to get the result.

And as I wrote I seldom use Python on my Linux box. The indentation 
issue scared me off.

You should really try to install Linux on your laptop. In the meantime I 
am even contemplating to delete my Windows partition (it only wastes 
space due to the fact that I have never logged in to a Windows session 
for months). And Gnome reminds me every day on my old Macintosh OS.

S. Gonzi

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