debugging a DLL

David LeBlanc whisper at
Wed Aug 7 23:09:27 CEST 2002

This may be a little late coming back to you...

Create a debug version of your dll in Visual Studio.

On the debug tab of the settings dialog, set up the command line to run
python with your that calls your dll. Set working directory etc. as

Set a breakpoint in your dll.

Start debugging - python will run your it will load the dll and
eventually it will hit one of your breakpoints if you're lucky.

David LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA

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> I'm new to Python and couldn't find this documented anywhere.
> Could somebody tell me if (and how) it is possible to debug a dll
> which is called from inside python? I've created a dll using VB but
> would like to debug it when it is called inside Python.
> Thanks in advance.
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