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Fri Aug 30 20:36:43 CEST 2002

Andy Salnikov wrote:

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>>Much more important, in my view, is that KillerApp on Windows should look
>>and feel like a Windows app, and KillerApp on X should look and feel like
>>an X app.  That way, I don't have to "relearn" my conventions just for one
>   The problem with X is that it has many more look and feels than on
> Windows.
> Which one do you prefer - Xt, Motif, KDE, Gnome? Or do you want you app's
> look and feel depend on whether do you run it under KDE or Gnome? What
> if you run it under neither of this two? The questions on X are so numerous
> that sometimes I think that it might be asier to bring Windows look and feel
> (which I personaly kinda like) into X.
>>If we accept that (and I always accept everything I say), then the most
>>sensible approach is to use the native widget set, so that you inherit the
>>standard native framework.  To me, wxPython is a great example of a
> toolset
>>that has achieved this goal.
>   Which "native set" does wxWindows use on X? My understandig taht it uses
> ether Motif or GTK, which _you_ have to choose. Why then KDE is not native?
> I do not think you can define very well what is native on X, unless you want
> to
> restrict yourself to Xt (which is dull).

Or take the Qt (and PyQt) approach and implement all styles on all 
platforms and let the user decide on a global or per application basis 
with a simple command line argument.


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