Python, COM and Threads

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Thu Aug 29 19:13:10 EDT 2002

In what way is the object "not successfully created"?  How is the object 
implemented - ie, how is the object you are trying to create implemented?


Robert Armes/CAM/Lotus wrote:
> Hi,
> I am hoping that someone from this group might be able to help me with the
> following problem:
> I have embedded and extended python within my win32 application. I would
> like to able to run scripts asynchronously as needed. Toward that end, I am
> calling PyRun_String (from the c++ side) in order to run my scripts. Then
> within the script end of things, I spawn new, dedicated threads, from which
> the script attempts to instantiate a com object by calling win32com.client.
> Dispatch(...). The problem is that the com object is not successfully
> created.
> If I remove the layer which creates the new thread and directly instantiate
> the com object from the main thread, then all is well. This leads me to
> think that the problem is due to the threading apartment model used by com.
> Unfortunately, attempting to explicitly change the model by calling sys.
> coinit_flags=0 doesn't work.
> Any suggestions? In an effort to be as concise as possible, I have
> intentionally left out the (hopefully) unnecessary details. I can fill in
> the blanks if required.
>  - Robert

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