Could Python supplant Java?

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James J. Besemer wrote:
>>Rob Andrews <rob[nospam]> wrote in message news:<Xns92705C2BCBA0Erobuselesspythoncom at>...
>>>*dynamic v. static* and *strong v. weak* are two distinct categories,
>>>although the ability to point to a concise explanation is beyond me
> The way I was taught the distinction was EARLY vs. LATE BINDING.
> Some more zealous sources claim that "polymorphism" and other OOP techniques are impossible with early binding and thus
> require late binding to make it possible.  This is bullshit.

Of course, or Java and C++ couldn't make it.

> However, saying both systems are "strong" suggests a near-equivlance when in fact the semantics and implications for
> developers are rather different.
> There are significant trade-offs to either approach.


>  People who think 'their' language is 'perfect' tend to believe the
> approach used by their favorite language is 'best'.
> Thus, true Pythonistas will argue that late binding (by any other name) is superior.

I may not be true one !-)

I was justing disagreeing when FISH argues that
- late binding (to use your terminology) disqualifies a language for 
large projects - in fact for anything else than scripting.

- early binding is always safer (it's very easy to demonstrate that it 
may be false, with a C example using void * and casting).


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