getting the current userid with Python

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Wed Aug 21 19:55:37 CEST 2002

In article <2f177cd8.0208210938.2c166943 at>, Danathar wrote:
> Is there a direct method for getting the current userid in Python? I
> am learning Python for the first time and was looking around for
> methods, but the only methods that I can find in usenet usually call
> external commands with the commands module or use the os module to get
> the value of of the USER shell environment variable.
> Those methods work, but I am trying to learn python, and somehow it
> feels like I am cheeting by using python to call a shell command (like
> whoami) that I already know. Getting the USER variable works, but what
> if you are not in a UNIX envornment where the USER variable does not
> exist?
> I've looked through the books, but I can't find anything...
> thanks for any suggestions?

On professional Windows flavours, there's a USERNAME environment variable.
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