Could Python supplant Java?

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Fri Aug 23 18:39:17 CEST 2002

According to Chad Myers <cmyers at>:
: If MS was
:interested in purely pleasing end users, they would've
:ditched Windows at 3.1 and gone immediately to Windows NT.

Weird, I know very few end users who want to move to NT/2000/Net.  Most
would prefer to stay on 95 - but they are 'forced' to move to keep up
with the ever increasing requirements in new releases to be able to
get software that works/stays in maintence contracts, etc.

About the only end users I know that want to move are those infected by
the 'Gates is God's second son'  meme ... the ones who read the glowing
glossy advertisements and are somehow lulled into believing that buying
more new software, hardware, etc. is a good thing.
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