tkinter or wxpython?

Stephen Ferg steve at
Wed Aug 14 13:41:19 EDT 2002

> should I use the classic Tkinter or wxPython?

This is a regular debate among Pythonistas.  All that follows comes
with the caveat that it represents my own personal opinion...

The pluses of Tkinter are (1) that it ships with Python (so you don't
have to install anything else, or expect your users to install
anything else), and (2) it is pretty well documented in the Tkinter

On the other hand, IMHO.... it is (1) pretty low-level and  difficult
to use. PMW (Python Mega Widgets helps... some.) (2) IMHO the Tkinter
book, although widely praised, and certainly encyclopedic in scope, is
not very approachable for someone who is relatively new to GUI
programming and TKinter.  It is closer to a reference book than a
tutorial.  As a total newbie to this type of GUI programming, I found
the discussion of Tkinter in "Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours" much
more understandable. Also (3), there are no good screen-painters for

The pluses of wxPython & wxWindows seem to be that (1) it is fast and
produces a better looking GUI, and (2) there are a number of
screen-painter products around, including wxDesigner and Boa.  There
is also PythonCard, which should make wxWindows programming easier.

On the other hand, wxWindows used to have a reputation for being
difficult to install, and you used to see occasional bug reports --
but this is old news, and probably isn't of much concern now. The real
downside of wxPython is the  documentation.  wxPython is just a
front-end for wxWindows, and most of the real documentation is at the
wxWindows level.  If you're comfortable with C and C++, that shouldn't
be a problem, but if you're not, it may be.

My recommendation: look at PythonCard with wxWindows.
and for documentation:

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