Are most programmers male?

Dilton McGowan II diltonm at
Tue Aug 13 00:58:21 EDT 2002

> Yup. The code itself is worth _something_, but the real asset is the
> knowledge that was used/acquired when creating the code, and that
> knowledge is terribly hard to extract from the hermit. This is the same
> reason why code is easier to write than it is to read, and why programmers
> (myself included) are always tempted to throw old code away and write a
> better version instead of endlessly tweaking the old stuff.
> -Dave

I agree that it should not be as tempting to re-write old code. Does that
mean that our languages are not expressive enough? Perhaps that's why I've
recently started looking again, after Java. One thing's for sure, I keep
going back to C++. I do like what I've seen of Python and am encouraged. I
think there's no good language, only a good mixture.


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