How are you using Python?

Larry Wright larry.tami at
Sat Aug 3 04:30:44 CEST 2002

Actually, filename completion is available under Windows 2000 as well, and 
maybe other versions. You just have to set a registry entry, or start it 
with something like cmd.exe /F. If you search M$'s site, you can find the 
knowledge base article. And the command window has always been resizable.

Will Stuyvesant wrote:
> Windows XP
> ----------
> The new Windows XP comes with an improved console box that
> is actually usable (resizable, filename completion,
> command history, huge window scrollback you can set) so
> now you can have a productive way of working from a
> console box like I used to do with linux, with an editor
> of choice like gvim (
> ).  On the bad
> side of Windows XP is the stability, I had several crashes
> already, having to cut the computer power to get out, even
> their CTRL-ALT-DEL did not work anymore.  This is
> something you are not used to when you come from linux.

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