Promoting Python as web application development language

Richard Jones rjones at
Fri Aug 23 17:42:21 EDT 2002

On Fri, 23 Aug 2002 9:26 pm, Paul Rubin wrote:
> Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe at> writes:
> > In a recent thread [0] on the mod_python [1] mailing list, I'm wondering
> > why there isn't a Python link on the main Apache web site. There are
> > PHP, Perl and Tcl links but Python is nowhere present.
> >
> > It is of course evident that the lack of a link is due to the lack of
> > perceived usage of Python as a web application development language.
> > That, in turn, is due to the lack of exposure on sites like the Apache
> > one.
> I don't know about Tcl, but I think Python isn't as well-developed a
> system for web programming as Perl or PHP.  The only production
> application shell / template system I know of is Zope, which is
> overcomplex and apparently dog slow.

Wow, and the rest of your posting is like this too. That you would post such a 
load of FUD!?!

Zope is:

1. not the only _stable_ web application platform out there for Python...
   see where I count at
   least three, maybe four application frameworks that are stable (or at
   least have been in use in production for long enough that I'd rely on them)
2. not "dog slow".

Dunno where the hell you get off posting such crap to this mailing list.

     Richard (who uses Zope for a very popular, in-production, speedy website)

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