McMillan Installer and KDE

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Sat Aug 10 15:30:37 CEST 2002

Harald Schneider wrote:

> So it seems to be an issue with the Installer!
> When I have a look at the spec file then console=1 is set ... maybe
> it's really an output problem, a forking prob or both ....
> Setting it to 0 results in a missing _runw module. Maybe Gordon himself
> can help out here ?

There's a mail list for Installer: see the bottom of

Runw is only for Windows (where a console-less app
has a WinMain, not a main). If you don't have debugging
on, Installer won't write to stdout. 

If you don't use --onefile and you don't use the "f" option
(which forces LD_LIBRARY_PATH), you won't get a child
process (it's done with execvp, not fork, because I need
the environment re-scanned).

I don't run KDE, so I don't know what their requirements
are for a "KDE Link" (whatever that is).

-- Gordon

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