How your company think about python?

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> What apparent death of Tcl ?

I apologize.  That was a gross overstatement.  What I should have said
was the relative decline in use of Tcl as compared to other
crossplatform solutions such as Java/Swing, Python/Tk, Python/Wx, etc.

My experience is that it's easier to find a Java or a Python
programmer nowadays than a Tcl programmer.
> What are the limitations of Tk for good crossplatfrom UI work?

The lack of modern widgets (HTML/rich edit controls, report views,
tree views, etc.) that look and feel native on all the platforms we
support (Motif, GTK, and Windows).  You'd be surprised how many
customers will refuse a Windows product that has a Tk look-and-feel.

> From what I have seen so far, it outshines the "hype" and "promise" of
> Java in crossplatform usability and productivity.

*frowns* I don't disagree with you, but at the same time, I never even
mentioned Java, and I don't know why you bring it up.  The question
was, "How are you using Python in your company?"

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