Being forced into VB.NET...can Python code be used in this framework?

Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at
Wed Aug 7 00:41:40 CEST 2002

* Gabe Newcomb <Gabe.Newcomb at> [2002-08-06 15:21 -0700]:
> Ack! I work in a QA dept, doing mainly test automation. So far, I've
> been doing my work in Python. However, it has been decided that everbody
> in the group should switch to a common language so that we can get
> things done faster and more easily share code; this was also done
> because when we hire new people, it'll be easier to find someone who
> knows VB.NET than someone who knows Python. I can't really argue with
> this thoughts--I've explained that the learning curve for Python is
> REALLY short, but it doesn't seem to matter.
> So, I'm being forced to use VB.NET. This honestly bums me out. I guess
> I'm sending this message for two reasons:
> 1) to complain and gather sympathy

My condolescences. On the bright side of life, I succeded today in being
allowed to use Python instead of VB6 (or C#, or Java) for a project. It
wasn't exactly easy, though. I believe the winning argument was Python
will allow me to deliver on time, while that would be much harder, if at
all possible, with the other technologies.

> 2) to see if there's anyway (yet) to create code in Python that can be
> used in the .NET framework (please oh please oh please).

Not directly, AFAIK. Two things I can think of:

- Build a COM server in Python, then access it from .NET
- Interfacing a Python script System.Diagnostics.Process(Info) (known as
  os.popen* in Python) might work ok, depending on your requirements.

I could send you an example for the System.Diagnostics.* stuff if that
is of any help, as it's IMO not well documented, and the M$ docs on
.Process are even wrong at some points (the example is wrong, I already
reported that bug to MS).

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