Could Python supplant Java?

d2002xx d2002xx at
Thu Aug 22 21:03:20 EDT 2002

> > > You just haven't worked on many different kinds of systems.
> >
> > But you didn't answer about rebuilding the kernel, or you just
> > can't answer?
> You can't do that without paying Microsoft a whole lot
> of money.


> But then again, you really shouldn't have to. If
> kernel hacking is required as a normal development
> practice, something is deeply wrong.

No, it's just for fun. But why I *can't* do this on my box?

> > Why everyone's using the same version? It's just nonsense.
> There is something to be said for keeping all developers
> on the same version of the tools; in particular differences
> in the libraries, header files, and so on can be quite obnoxious,
> if you let them get out of sync.
> Though I'd be surprised if running everyone on
> terminal services was a common solution to this-
> surely it's far simpler to just have the same tools
> installed on all the developer machines in a team,
> and upgrade them together.
> You don't have to do it perfectly. You just
> have to keep things from getting completely
> out of control.

OK, thanks.

> > > Why would "make" come with Windows when it comes with every
> > > compiler that needs something like Make? Most languages don't
> > > need Make, so what's the point?
> >
> > Most *languages* don't need, but most *programs* need because they
> > are mostly written in C/C++.
> I think you may find you are mistaken on this point;
> while it is undoubtable true that most Linux programs
> are written that way, Visual Basic is depressingly common
> on Windows.

.... damned... VB.... (I just hate any thing derived from basic, don't
mind :)

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