Python and CDO

Lindstrom Greg - glinds Greg.Lindstrom at
Thu Aug 15 17:52:23 CEST 2002

Hi, all-

I have been working with Python and Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects
(CDO).  Simply put, CDOs allows Python to access and manipulate Microsoft
products (Exchange, Word, Access, Excel, etc.) directly. [The book
"Programming Python on Win32 has been an invaluable resource].  This has
opened a world of possibilities where I work -- like it or not, Microsoft
still owns the business desktop -- and though I have spent less than a week
looking into this, I already have had people stop by to ask if I could look
into their project.  And for the first time, Python is being talked about as
a legitimate tool for our group to use!  Very cool, indeed.

I am going to start to research into all that CDOs have to offer, and start
writing tutorials for the various products.  Being pragmatic (and lazy), I
do not want to duplicate any efforts which have been completed or are
ongoing. So...are any of you using CDOs or looking into using them?  If so,
would you please get in touch with me?  If not, I will start writing and see
if the next edition of the Python Cookbook would be interested in a section
on this.

Thanks for your time!
glinds at


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