Graham's spam filter

holger krekel pyth at
Wed Aug 28 17:58:38 EDT 2002

Karl Vogel wrote:
> >> On Mon, 26 Aug 2002 13:32:27 GMT, 
> >> "Edward K. Ream" <edream at> said:
> E> I am an enthusiastic user of ChoiceMail,
> E>
> E> It has _completely_ eliminated all spam to me, using a very clever
> E> trick.  Anyone wanting to contact me who is not already on a "whitelist"
> E> gets sent a return email asking them to fill out a short form at the
> E> ChoiceMail site.
>    The TMDA package does this as well.  I've included a short blurb.

which seems a bit outdated.  e.g.

>   + The qmail mail transfer agent installed on your mail server.
>     TMDA will not work with other MTAs such as Sendmail, Exim,
>     and Postfix.  See the FAQ for why.

is no longer true according to the website
all these MTAs work with TDMA.


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