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Andreas Leitgeb Andreas.Leitgeb at siemens.at
Mon Aug 19 09:05:18 EDT 2002

[ about programming direct machine-codes ]
>>Greg Ewing wrote:
>>>I did, at one stage of my life. Not much choice when
>>>you've only got 256 bytes of memory...

Actually, I wrote that nobody would *want* to write machine-language.
With emphasis on "want" which implied having a choice.

For that machine, you hardly had a Python-VM, a C-compiler or 
even assembler available, had you ?

Btw., I'm probably somewhat younger, and I have programmed 
machine-language in the past, too:  for sharp's pocket computers
pc1260, pc1403, etc., via poke&call, and I did it only because
there was no real language available (basic doesn't count :-)
for these machines ... or at least I didn't know of any, then.

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