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> "GerritM" <gmuller at> wrote
> > The TIOBE Programming Community index gives an indication of the
> > of programming languages. It is updated once a month. The ratings are
> >  ...
> Please, can you explain briefly:
>   1) roughly how is it computed (else this technical community of readers
>     will be dubious)?
>   2) why XML is listed as a programming language?
> Thanks,
> Jim
 I don't have any relation with Tiobe, I have visited their site twice,
everytime after getting a pointer from someone else.
So to shortcut this discussion I send the following e-mail to
support at

---begin included message---

in the newsgroup comp.lang.python a discussion is going on about the vaule
of your Programming Community Index. The value of the table is believed to
be quite relevant if the definition of the index is public available and
when the computation is verifiable by other (independent) parties.

Can you provide the data needed to address this issue?

I think that you should add this information to your website, since it would
greatly increase the credibality of this Index.

kind regards Gerrit Muller
---end included message---

With respect to the XML inclusion I agree with the makers of the table that
Markup languages are also programming languages, although more application
specific. Most systems consist of a combination of multiple more specialized
languages, including resource, information, interface, protocol, UI,
rendering etcetera definitions. To make it more extreme, my children are
more interested in "programming" in powerpoint (complete animated stories)
or webdesign, than in the conventional languages :-(. More and more
programmers see mostly all kinds of definition languages instead of
programming languages.

regards Gerrit

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