clarification on previous post

Srivatsan Raghavan vraghavan at
Thu Aug 1 03:47:09 CEST 2002

i'd like to clarify on my previous post regarding embedding of python
in C++

i would actually prefer to call a function in a script , and pass it a
of an object that's not a python builtin type ..

in the Logging module ( that maps to a namespace in C++ ) 
i have a class called LogEvent, 
i tried a hack by trying to use a global & have an accessor function
GetCurrentLogEvent() that gets exposed to python 
this is well, a hack and clearly suboptimal ..
and per my previous post isn't working :/

in addition to my previous problem with regard to calls that work from
the commandline but not from embedded call, can someone tell me
how i can pass an object (or a copy of an object) that i've got in a
C++ function, and send that to a python script ..

vraghavan at

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