Python for use corporate ecommerce site?

Aaron Held aaron at
Fri Aug 16 17:12:55 CEST 2002

Take a look at Webware (

It is modeled after Java Servlets and is very easy to develop in. 
Since it is an app server you are not limited to HTML either - there
are XML-RPC modules and you can use SOAP for the feded / UPS

> have the ability to interact with oracle8i/9i, db2, postgresql.

The code is pure python and it supports db pooling. So you can use any
python adapter (I am using postgres, MS SQL, and MySQL)

> interaction with ups and fedex

Use the SOAP interface

> online store capabilities similar to

You are on your own, but there is robust session support, so this
should be easy

> what are some useful urls pertaining to a project such as this one.

> please give me any other suggestions you may have. ***I would especially
> appreciate unbiased advice from people who use multiple programming
> languages and who follow the motto that the right tool/s should be used
> for the job, not just one tool for everything***

I have developed major ecommerce and intranet sites in ASP, Java, PHP
and Zope. Webware is the easiest to develop with, but has the least
'hand holding' in terms of prebuilt functionality.  Speed wise it has
not been a bottleneck in any of my apps.  It allows you to load
modules into memory like Java and code - test like ASP/PHP

Good Luck,
-Aaron Held

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