Question: How to execute an EXE with Python?

Fausto Arinos de A. Barbuto fbarbuto at
Wed Aug 28 08:10:17 CEST 2002

Delaney, Timothy <tdelaney at> wrote:

> It gets shorter before it gets longer though ...
> i.e. after the initial hurdle, it's pretty much plain sailing ...
> until you start looking deeper into it.

    That is basically the problem -- I'm at the very beginning
    and yet I foresee lots of applications for the language I
    get discouraged with quite complicated Python codes
    I've seen around. For example, in the quest for this
    execute-with-Python thing I came across sample codes
    using os.system(cmd) whose modi operandi I couldn't
    understand (the idea was to check out the syntax of the
    command to see whether I could make any sense out it).
    I really have to study more.

    Now, back to some Python.  :-)


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