Could Python supplant Java?

Darren New dnew at
Fri Aug 23 18:04:02 CEST 2002

d2002xx wrote:
> > > > But then again, you really shouldn't have to. If
> > > > kernel hacking is required as a normal development
> > > > practice, something is deeply wrong.
> > >
> > > No, it's just for fun. But why I *can't* do this on my box?
> >
> > You can, when you write your own kernel. Feel free. :-) But you knew
> > that already, so why did you ask?
> Ah! lost words, it's "But why I *can't* do this on my box if I use
> windows as OS?"

Because you don't have the source code to Windows as an OS. I'm not sure I
understand why you'd even ask such a question.

Oh, and to answer your next series of dumb questions:

- You don't have the source because Microsoft doesn't sell it.

- Microsoft doesn't sell it because they own it and decided not to.

- Microsoft decided not to because they'd like to stay in business and
  be able to pay their employees.

Soo..... What's hard about this concept?

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