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Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at gmx.de
Sat Aug 24 10:50:43 EDT 2002

* Toorop <toorop at cyborgnation.org> [2002-08-23 19:47 +0200]:
> First escuse my english.....
> Second : i want to make a razor [...]

Ouch rant trigger keyword hit ;-)

Ugh. Razor. A clueless maintainer and idiots (and this is putting it
_very_ midly) who fill the database with valid non-spam emails. Most
probably because of a misconfigured spamassassin setup that allows to do

I had to write a custom Python spam filter myself recently, because
after my first usenet post from my work account I got spammed
immediately. What I did was just interface spamassassin and filter my
IMAP account on the *cough* M$ Exchange server and move spam messages
via IMAP into their own folder. As a bonus, I can now do mailing list
filtering with my imapfilter.py. It's a one-shot solution, though and
certainly not ready for publishing.

You could also check out pyzor (http://pyzor.sf.net/), which is written
in Python and has a maintainer that actually knows what he's doing and
isn't too stupid to parse mbox files, and doesn't dismiss my bug report,
like the Razor guy did. Spamassassin can now use pyzor, too, btw.

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