Embedded python can't import .pyo

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Aug 27 18:16:52 CEST 2002

fgagnon at iphrase.com (Francois Gagnon) writes:

> I had a look into the python source code and found this global variable:
> Py_OptimizeFlag.  So I hacked my code a bit to the following which works:
> extern int Py_OptimizeFlag;
> ...
> Py_OptimizeFlag++;
> Py_Initialize();
> ...
> However, this is not very elegant and risky as future release of Python
> could change or use that flag differently.  Are there any API call I can
> make to turn the optimize flag on so I can load my .pyo files?  Something
> like:

Py_OptimizeFlag is part of the public Python C API, I believe.  So
there should be no need to declare it extern int and no need to worry
about versioning problems.  It do much in 2.3, but that's another


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