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snodx at snodx at
Tue Aug 13 14:03:13 CEST 2002

Dear Bo M. Maryniuck,

I think JYthon is going to make my head-spin. It seems to be
a different cup of tea and it may not be needed in my case.

So we will concentrate on REWRITING of the Python script
into its equivalent Java code right now, and maybe later I
will find out where jython can be placed.

So please explain how I should go about re-writing the sendsms
Python script that I have included? I think if someone can
point where my intrepretations of the Python codes have gone
wrong or why I am facing a deadend then it would be enough.

Just tell me what the heck the library functions that I have
referred to in my posting are doing?

The problem is that the sendsms Python script that I have
provided is actually trying to invoke the Kannel daemon programs
that are running in the background on my RedHat system.
But where exactly is it dooing so I cant understand. So I decided
to begin analyzing the Python scripts one by one.



Please Note: I cant understand why an extra 100 lines are being added
             to my messages. Maybe it is a problem with the mail server
             that I am using. I will check out.

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