Could Python supplant Java?

Dave Cole djc at
Mon Aug 19 07:40:30 CEST 2002

>>>>> "JamesCarroll" == JamesCarroll  <jamesdcarroll at> writes:

JamesCarroll> "netvegetable" <deathtospam43423 at> wrote
>>  Gosh I never realized you were so sensitive.
>> Forgive me darling.

JamesCarroll> I'm not really.  But after spending some time in this
JamesCarroll> industry I've come to realize that that there's more
JamesCarroll> than one way to skin a cat.  So in my "toolbox" I have a
JamesCarroll> mix of MS and Java technologies (and a few others) at my
JamesCarroll> disposal. I've taken a look at Python. I didn't find it
JamesCarroll> very compelling. As far as I could tell it didn't offer
JamesCarroll> anything new in terms of approaching problems, had no
JamesCarroll> "area of expertise" that made it compelling for a
JamesCarroll> particular use, and lacked solid libraries that I could
JamesCarroll> use to solve the problems that my clients have.

Your employer's loss really.

In just short of 20 years professional programming I have yet to find
a language which comes close to Python in the most important metric of
all (for in-house development): development and maintenance cost.

- Dave


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