Python embedded - linking problem on Linux - trying again

Kim Petersen kp at
Tue Aug 13 08:23:20 CEST 2002

Gerhard Häring wrote:
> In article <3D57C830.4070909 at>, Kim Petersen wrote:
>>Gerhard Häring wrote:
>>>In article <3D57BD22.8090305 at>, Kim Petersen wrote:
>>>>When creating an embedded python in an RM/Cobol-85 interpretor, i have the
>>>>following problem:
>>>>It seems that i have to link all the modules (the .so's) that i need with the
>>>>new dynamic link library, isn't it at all possible to make it (the python
>>>>embedded interpretor) just find the .so's like the regular interpretor does?
>>>What is your problem?
>>>If it is finding which libraries to link against when embedding Python, does
>>>this FAQTS entry help?
>>unfortunatly not ;(
>>My problem is that i'm embedding - not extending.
> And that's what my answer in the FAQTs entry refers to, it was only for the
> wrong question ;-)
>>And when doing so, i miss the references to the dynamic linked modules (like
>> _unless_ i specifically link them with the new .so (the embedded
> Erh. Most probably that's not the case. It's just that modules like aren't
> found, right?

probably - i haven't thought that way around ;-) But i still have 
trouble grasping this .... if python can find /usr/lib/python<version>/ 
+ /site-packages/ - when importing standard .py[c] - then why isn't it 
capable of finding the .so's ???? In fact what really makes this strange 
(for me) is that it can find my postgresql import ( but cannot 
find the which is located in the same directory .../site-packages/

>>- from my point of view i cannot understand why the embedded python doesn't
>>look at the running standard interpretors path and setup - and use those
>>modules (just like it does with the .py[c] modules.....
> There is no magic to it, just do the same as the Python interpreter does :-) I
> only ever used embedding for debugging my extension modules, and just added the
> releveant directories in my PYTHONPATH environment variable. If you don't mind
> hacks, you can always modify your sys.path appropriately from your main app.
> AFAIR pythonrun.c is the right place to look at for insight.

Hmm - i thought i followed the instructions on setting up the 
interpretor by the book - but i must have overlooked something then, 
i'll look through pythonrun.c when i get time (prolly first late today 
or start tomorrow - real life is pressurring on other things ;-)

> Gerhard

Thank you so far.

Med Venlig Hilsen / Regards

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