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Raymond Hettinger python at
Sat Aug 10 02:15:25 CEST 2002

Both COM and Python wrappers run very fast with the wrappers perhaps having
an advantage (counting the miniscule COM system overhead, the wrappers
already built into win32all, and the COM interface you have to write for
your program).

However, in terms of programmer time, wrapping is likely to be substantially
faster, especially if you use a tool like SWIG ( ) or
Pyrex ( ).

Raymond Hettinger

"Totte Karlsson" <mtk at> wrote in message
news:aj13mr$1iu4$1 at
> Hi,
> I have been writing on a C++ library for several years for handling
> molecular geometry and processing of spectrometer data. I'm using these
> libraries in a windows application written in C++ under C++Builder.
> Now I want to supply to the user a scripting interface to access some of
> underlying objects that I'm using, like molecules and data and so on. The
> script interface will be as python.
> My question is, what would be the fastest way to allow the user to access
> some of  these objects, living in the windows application as C++ objects,
> from a python command window. Rewriting the application and turn it into a
> COM application or writing wrapper code and create python mocules?
> regards
> /totte

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