How are you using Python?

bowman bowman at
Sat Aug 3 16:46:05 CEST 2002

Will Stuyvesant wrote:
> SuSE 8.0 has a recent python version?

While SuSE is my preferred distro, at least in earlier releases, the 
'Personal' edition had the annoying feature of providing the libs, but not 
the .h files for many apps; i.e. Tcl/Tk works, but the headers are missing, 
so a Python build will not build Tkinter. 

It is easy enough to get the headers in place, but one wonders why SuSE 
doesn't install them when you opt for an application. 

The 'Professional' costs about twice as much; this isn't a huge amount of 
money, but I'm not interested in most of the stuff in the Pro distro.

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