funny socket behaviour

Martin v. Loewis martin at
Thu Aug 8 03:23:16 EDT 2002

Vasisht Tadigotla <vasisht at> writes:

> On SunOS, IRIX and FreeBSD, an EISCONN exception is thrown, but on Linux
> it allows me to connect again to the socket after a connection has been
> established. Though I cannot read/write to the socket when I connect a
> second time, I think It should not allow a second connect. Any idea why
> this should be happening ?

I don't know why it should happen - but it does happen because that's
the way sockets are implemented on Linux. The socket module delegates
all calls to the C library (largely unmodified), which delegates all
calls to the operating system (largely unmodified).

So what you see is a specific behaviour of Linux; you might want to
ask in a Linux newsgroup whether it is a bug or a feature.


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