Gerhard Häring gerhard.haering at
Thu Aug 15 23:35:41 EDT 2002

* Paul G. <pgarceau at> [2002-08-15 19:17 -0700]:
> Porting Python for Msys.

Great! I tried that, too. But haven't gotten to pursue it further in the
last months.

> when building, get this error during link of Python lib (Python2.2):
> >d:\msys\1.0\mingw\bin\ar.exe: Python/fileblocks.o: No such file or directory
> make: *** [libpython2.2.a] Error 1
> Python/fileblocks.o does not exist.  Which module generates it and is that module 
> necessary?  Is this caused by Module/Setup or configure?

You can safely eliminate fileblocks.o - AFAIR I just created a dummy one in
case I compiled under mingw32. Just one part of the autoconf magic I didn't
understand at all ...

Btw. I really got lost with the pgen.exe stuff :-/ Hope you'll get further.
Maybe we can try to work together? What do you base your port on? 2.2.1 or
-CVS? I'm not sure working together works with stuff like this, though -
it's probably got to be a one-man fight against autoconf ;-)

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