ANN: New PEP Format: reStructuredText

François Pinard pinard at
Sat Aug 31 15:11:55 CEST 2002

[Magnus Lie Hetland]

> - Magnus (who finds reStructuredText to be much more complicated than
>   XML)

It requires specialised tools to parse, granted.  But undoubtedly,
`reStructuredText' is immensely more legible than XML, and more in the
spirit of Python, where practicality and legibility are a premium.

Now, given an appropriately fixed DTD, one could write converters from
one to the other, and vice-versa, in case there is some need to do so.

But this is the only real drawback of `reStructuredText': it is yet
another format, which will surely evolve over time, and for which we will
soon want some clever Emacs mode, and various other tools.  There is
a high price to pay before any new format becomes really comfortable.
The hope here is that `reStructuredText' will repay us back fairly soon.

But if it strictly stays limited to PEPs, the cost might be higher than
the benefits.  It ought to aim some wider scope of applicability.

François Pinard

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