Are most programmers male?

Lance Ellinghaus lellinghaus at
Sun Aug 11 07:55:33 CEST 2002

My wife read this over my shoulder and she wanted me to put her $0.02
in to this question...

She says that for her, she chose a profession that dealt with people
and not computers, she is a Physician Assistant-Certified. The is MAD
that anyone would sugest she had no access to a good eduction, she
graduated from USC PA School. 50% of the class was female. The female
PA's now outnumber male PA's. The says the choice to deal with people
instead of computers comes from the natural inclination to be a
caretaker. Her second choice for a career would have been in Law
Enforcement, probably a criminalist. Still would not have chosen

Men seem to be less of a caretaker and prefer more isolated and logic

Oh by the way, my wife is a member of a minority and she still claims
she had plenty of access to education without resorting to using
special quotas for minorities. She paid for her education on her own
and got accepted on her own merit.

--- Dean Goodmanson <ponderor at> wrote:
> "a.clarke11" 
> > And more seriously, why is it that most contributors here are male?
> Are
> > most programmers male, if so why? Are we more singleminded,
> logical,patient
> > and analytical? surely not?
> > 
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