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Andreas Leitgeb Andreas.Leitgeb at siemens.at
Tue Aug 6 18:27:42 CEST 2002

Hans Nowak <wurmy at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>  [ 'A loop, whose body can directly and freely modify the 
>>       loop-var, thereby controlling the loop' ]
>>  Python lacks it.
> Such a loop seems a bit "un-Pythonic", 

Surely, before 2.2,  generators looked very "un-Pythonic", too.
  for i in list_of_features_not_in_current_Python:
    assert( i.isPythonic == 0 )

>> I wrote: the location of continue may be nested arbitrarily deep down
>>   inside other if's.
> I may be misunderstanding something here, but my code did not contain 
> a continue...
Yes, you have been misunderstanding me, but it doesn't matter.
If you like this sorted out, mail me, and when we're done, maybe
we write a followup with the consensus. (otherwise such threads never end)

Andreas "newbie pythonist" Leitgeb

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