Python for use corporate ecommerce site?

stibbs stibbs at
Fri Aug 16 02:48:12 CEST 2002

On Thu, 15 Aug 2002 19:04:43 -0400, Paul Rubin wrote:

>> what are some useful urls pertaining to a project such as this one.
> Somewhere I saw a page comparing Zope, Skunkweb, PyHP, Webware, and a
> bunch of similar systems.  Maybe you can find it with Google. ?

>> please give me any other suggestions you may have. ***I would
>> especially appreciate unbiased advice from people who use multiple
>> programming languages and who follow the motto that the right tool/s
>> should be used for the job, not just one tool for everything***
> I sure like Python better than any of the other languages you've
> mentioned for this type of programming.  However, I'd have to say
> packages of the type you want aren't as well evolved yet in Python as in
> Perl or Java. You should also consider PHP, by the way.
We did a high-load simulation comparison with php and mod_perl quite a 
while back and decided that it's best to use php for solutions geared 
towards small companies on a budget :). We do like php, but for small to
medium solutions built to endure small to medium load.

Thanks for the info,

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