Python For Windows XP?

CrEaTuRe_1987 gavinv at
Thu Aug 22 17:04:36 EDT 2002

I've tried downloading it many times and I have been using this OS for
months.  I think that I will report the problem to and see what
they have to say about it.  In the meantime I am going to download the
ActiveState package as a substitute as Rob suggested.

Thanks everyone,

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> Gillou wrote:
> > "CrEaTuRe_1987" <gavinv at> a écrit dans le message de news:
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> >
> >>Can someone tell me if there is a version of Python available for
> >>XP?  I download Python 2.2.1, which crashes during the installation.  I
> >>believe this maybe be caused by the operating system, what should I do?
> >>
> >>Don't suggest I switch to Linux, I'm already going to try that ;-)
> >>
> >>--
> >>CrEaTuRe_1987
> >>
> I've been running python (ActivePython, and Normal Python) on WindowsXP
> (Home and Professional) for a year or so. And my friend runs it on a
> couple of Win2k boxes. No probs.
> Maybe your os install is corrupted or something? Or the download got
> corrupted perhaps?
> Matthew Sherborne

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