can python run a free 'make' utility/module on Windows?

greg keraunen gk at
Fri Aug 23 20:59:54 CEST 2002

I am a newbie so please excuse ignorance.

I hope to use Python for porting a linux project to Windows but need to
be able to somehow tie in to a make utility on Windows.

Does anyone know of a free/open-source make utility on Windows that
could be accessed and distributed with Python?

I know that Visual C++ and other compilers have their own proprietary
make utilities but I need something that can be somehow bundled with my
Python application.

The other thing I was hoping to find is rsync on Windows. Is that

I know Python can meet my needs in the area of Regular Expressions, XML
DOM, and GUI, etc. but make is the the one thing I haven't found yet.

Greg Keraunen

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