Graham's spam filter

Heiko Wundram heikowu at
Thu Aug 22 00:55:04 EDT 2002

Hey to all!

I've started implementing a little program using Graham's spam filter
for filtering mail.

What this program momentarily tries to implement is a client/server
based protocol with authentication that allows some program to contact
the server for classifying text that is passed in, working around the
limitation that was discussed on the mailing-list that it is quite bad
for response time to always have to reload the database on scanning.

The final goal of my aims is going to be a small POP3-Server that
fetches mail from accounts you specify, running them through the SPAM
filter (installed on a central server), and then serves them to a mail
client of choice.

This will be installed on clients in a university dorm (I'm the network
admin here) to finally relieve me from those (censored) dummies that
don't know (and will never learn) the difference between a legitimate
mail and some KLEZ-written mail, and happily run any attachment they

If anybody is interested in joining the effort, don't hesitate to mail
me (my plans are to release it under GPL). The program will be written
anyway... ;)


	Heiko W.
	Netzwart Wohnheim-D
	Universität 18 - Zimmer 2206 - Saarbrücken

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