How are you using Python?

Will Stuyvesant hwlgw at
Sat Aug 3 10:43:03 CEST 2002

Larry Wright <larry.tami at> wrote:
> Actually, filename completion is available under Windows 2000 as well, and 
> maybe other versions. You just have to set a registry entry, or start it 
> with something like cmd.exe /F. If you search M$'s site, you can find the 
> knowledge base article. And the command window has always been resizable.

Yep, and even using old Windows NT you can hack the registry to have
resizable console boxes with a filename completion.  So I used to walk
around with a little paper with the hack on it so I could change
things when I had to work on another machine.  And then you get
permission problems sometimes.  And sometimes you make a mistake and
everybody gets mad at you £:-(
Since those days and my linux days I have a new philosophy that keeps
me happy regarding this sort of thing:  If something is not in the
'batteries included package' just do not use it.

        Learning about people the hard way -- by being one.

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