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 :> Rule number one: servers should not be locale dependent. Never.
 :> Or in other words, they should work in UTF-8 locale, if
 :> you need special locale functions. And clients should be able to convert
 :> the output into user locale, if necessary.

 : My solution is not the most appropriate but I don't think that browsers are
 : capable of translating text provided by a server ;-)

you mean www browsers? Today, absolute majority of them is
capable of converting between diferent encodings (graphical ones
mostly directly display Unicode, and if you do not venture into
scripts requiring complex rendering or RTL, the display is even
correct :-))
 : That's the reason why the localisation (encoding + language) should be
 : driven from the appropriate HTTP headers sent by the browser.

If it is for general public, then most people do not care
and do not set up their browsers to send Preferred language
(if you had this on mind). However, I think IE does this according to
selected regional settings.

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