How to pass true or false to COM objects?

Syver Enstad syver-en+usenet at
Tue Aug 20 06:07:27 EDT 2002

"Matt Gerrans" <mgerrans at> writes:

> > Still not sure what to do about that new boolean builtin "Maybe" ;)
> Just yesterday, listening to an interview on NPR, I heard the phrase
> "That's
> *very* true" so many times I began to doubt the validity of boolean
> types
> only having just two possible values.

Microsoft has already been using this for many years just look at the
win32 api GetMessage function.

BOOL GetMessage(
  LPMSG lpMsg,         // message information
  HWND hWnd,           // handle to window
  UINT wMsgFilterMin,  // first message
  UINT wMsgFilterMax   // last message

Seems like it's a boolean return no?

Looking at the documentation reveals that it can return True, (non
zero) False, (zero), but in the case of a failure it returns
-1. Aargh, so maybe Maybe should be defined as -1 ;-)


Vennlig hilsen 

Syver Enstad

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