asyncore 100% cpu usage?

brueckd at brueckd at
Mon Aug 19 05:17:34 CEST 2002

On Sun, 18 Aug 2002, Adonis wrote:

> the asyncore module seems to consume 100% cpu usage, is it the way it
> suppose to be since it is nonblocking or am i flat wrong, or is it my code,
> did i miss/overlook something?

Hi Adonis, it's your code. ;-)

One minor nit: please be sure to post the actual code you use - for
example, the code below calls threading.thread (which doesn't exist)  
instead of threading.Thread.

Anyway, add a printout to handle_write and you'll see what the problem is:  
it's getting called over and over again in a tight loop. There are two
problems in the code: the first is that you need to implement your own
readable and writable methods - these signal to asyncore that you are
interested in reading and writing, respectively. The default
implementations always return 1. The second problem is that the
handle_write method has nothing more than a 'pass' statement.

Basically you need to track the state of your connection somehow so that 
you know when readable and writable should return 1. Likewise, *anytime* 
handle_read is called you better read some data, and *anytime* 
handle_write is called you better write some data. The asnychat module is 
also pretty nice for asynchronous socket work, it's slightly higher level.

Hope that helps,

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