Could Python supplant Java?

Brian E Gallew geek+ at
Tue Aug 20 17:10:36 CEST 2002

Then <deathtospam43423 at> wrote: spoke up and said:
> I disagree. Java has 10 years of evolution, marketing and buzzworkign
> behind it. Python is new and immature.
> No contest, IMO.

Yep.  No contest.  In 10 years of evolution:

1) Java *still* fails to support many platforms.
2) Java *still* fails to display correctly in X11 when run on a
Solaris platform if the display is not Xsun.
3) Java programs *Still* can't be relied upon to run correctly on
different point releases.
4) Java often can't handle an X11 server with more than 8 bits per

Need I go on?

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