Pyrex: Known problem in version 0.4.1

Greg Ewing see_reply_address at something.invalid
Wed Aug 21 02:02:23 CEST 2002

I'm posting this so that I don't get flooded with emails:

A serious problem has been reported with Pyrex 0.4.1:
Extension types do not appear in the module namespace
as seen from interpreted Python code.

I hope to release a fix for this very soon. In the
meantime, you can either continue using version 0.4,
or you can work around it by giving the extension
type a different name and assigning its constructor
to a module-level Python variable, e.g.

   cdef class _Spam:

   Spam = _Spam

Greg Ewing, Computer Science Dept,
University of Canterbury,	
Christchurch, New Zealand

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