TkTable2.7 and its Python Wrapper miss tclStubsPtr

Phlip phlip_cpp at
Sat Aug 10 20:19:07 CEST 2002

Phlip <phlip_cpp at> wrote in message news:<aj39h7$2qq at>...
> Not Hyp:
> Here's TkTable2.7:
blah blah blah
> Here's the line that's trying to load the table:
>'package', 'require', 'Tktable')
> That line produces this mystery:
> TclError: couldn't load file "/usr/lib/Tktable2.7/": 
> /usr/lib/Tktable2.7/ undefined symbol: tclStubsPtr

The fix is to open up the Makefile and change this...

  TK_STUB_LIB_SPEC	= -L/usr/lib -ltkstub8.3

to this:

  TK_STUB_LIB_SPEC	= -L/usr/lib -ltkstub8.3 -ltclstub8.3

I'l dig up the maintainer's addy and CC this to her or him.


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